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Protecting the environment becomes a task for everybody.

You can make a sustainable difference by taking the right decisions, and a cooperation with Tier1 Asset is one of them. With Tier1 Asset, you contribute to limit additional CO2 emission; reduce e-waste and overexploitation of resources.

We work towards upcycling and recycling as much equipment as possible. Currently, the Tier1 Asset recovery rate of used IT equipment is 99,3 % ; where  90% of the equipment results with an increased life-span, and 9,3% of the units are recycled for other manufacturing.

Current e-waste challenges

Electronic waste presents a great environmental challenge. It contains hazardous materials that, when discarded in landfills pollute the soil, air, and water. The substances found in electronic waste are extremely rare but also dangerous. Elements such as mercury, gold, palladium and plastics are hazardous if not recycled properly. Most of the e-waste from landfills is incinerated, emanating gases that can cause cancer. The growth of electronic waste is expected to be 52.2 million tonnes by 2021.


IT Manufacturing

Did you know that the production of one single PC requires 1.7 tons of raw materials and water?

Nature Resources

Did you know that when buying a Tier1 Asset refurbished PC you reuse a set of valuable nature resources.

Europe's e-waste

Did you know that Europe alone is generating 12.3 M tonnes of documented IT waste annually?

Where IT waste comes from?

Production and consumption of electronic equipment is one of the fastest growing industries in the world. The current trends drive to overconsumption of natural resources. This factor leads to the generation of e-waste because consumers tend to have multiple devices for the same use, which are not nearly used to their full potential. Besides, the number of internet users globally is still growing rapidly. The computer stock is constantly renewed due to industry development.

Effects of electronic waste

In 2016 the total amount of documented e-waste globally was 44,7 million tonnes, when in the EU alone 12,3 million tonnes of electronic waste where recorded. Evidence suggests that some of the e-waste ends up as an illegal flow from the West primarily to Africa and Asia, where local buyers are ready to purchase the waste to resell metals, such as iron and gold, which leads to cannibalization of resources. This means that valuable materials are extracted for resell, and the remaining materials are discarded intoxicating the land and atmosphere.

Become Part of a Sustainable Solution!

The current environmental situation can change if you choose sustainably. Start with refurbished IT equipment and asset recovery services. At Tier1 Asset, we offer you sustainable solutions that limit additional CO2 emission, e-waste and overconsumption of resources. You can benefit from services that prolong the life span of end-of-use IT equipment up to 7-8 years, and products resulting from an ISO certified refurbishing process.


Sustainable Solution

Did you know that when you sell or buy Tier1 Asset IT refurbished products, you reuse a set of valuable natural resources, contribute to the reduction of CO2 emission and improve energy efficiency.

Circular Ecosystem

Why should you adopt circular practices?

Because from an economica point of view, overexploitation of non-renewable resources lead to resources scarcity meaning that supply chains will not have the nexessary raw materials for meeting market demands.



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