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Asset Recovery Services (ARS)

T1A asset recovery service (ARS) is a process of retaining value and increasing the lifecycle of your IT. This ensures the optimal and secure handling of your end-of-use IT equipment. Part of the process is e-waste management, GDPR compliant data erasure, and reporting. Tier1 Asset is flexible to your needs. Contact our experts for more details.

Your Benefits: 

  • Global Logistic Coverage
  • Guaranteed buy-back price and low costs
  • Processes backed by 5 ISO Certifications
  • Unit-Level Reporting at the end of the process
  • GDPR Compliant data-erasure
  • Optimal e-waste management (WEEE compliance)
  • 99.7% recovery rate of end-of-use IT

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Choose sustainable and transparent handling for your end-of-use IT equipment.  Contact us for more details.

Asset Recovery Process


1. Fill in CRF

Choose a logistics solution when filling in a CRF. Contact Tier1 Asset’s department of logistics if you need assistance:

2. Logistics

You benefit from global logistics. Tier1 Asset (T1A) coordinates the planning process for the pickup of goods for any global or local customer. For more details check out our packing instructions.

3. Registration

When the equipment arrives at Tier1 Asset, each unit is registered in the database.

4. Sorting

The equipment is sorted and put into inventory. Any residual e-waste is sent to recycling.

5. Cleaning

Each unit is subject to manual removal of stickers and other types of physical marking.

6. Data Erasure

The units undergo a GDPR compliant data erasure process. Any sensitive data is wiped completely from the device ensuring full anonymization.

7. Quality Check

Performance and quality are checked. The staff grades the units based on their physical condition.

8. Operating System

A genuine Microsoft Windows license is installed on each computer.

9. Reporting

At the end of the process, you will receive a detailed unit-level report that shows each step the equipment has gone through in the Asset Recovery Process. It also proves that your equipment has been handled environmentally friendly.

Data Security

Yearly we process more than 250.000 data-carrying units, which is why security is at the core of our business. The personnel is educated in data security, always wears safety uniforms, and has a clean criminal record. The facility is monitored 24/7, trucks are GPS tracked.  Each computer undergoes a process of GDPR compliant data erasure, ensuring complete wiping of sensitive information.

Microsoft Authorized Refurbisher

We are a Microsoft Authorized Refurbished. After data erasure and anonymization of each computer, the team installs a new genuine Microsoft Windows 10 Pro or Home, that ensures safe use and navigation on any Tier1 Asset(T1A) refurbished deviceAlso, having a genuine Microsoft OS gives the same out-of-the-box experience when turning on the PC as if you’d turn on a brand new device.

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Whether you are Europe-based or a global customer, at Tier1 Asset ( T1A) you find can find a solution that best fits your needs. Start collaborating with us now: