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The 12 points in our process

Registration and packing - Performed by specially trained and certified employees. Secure transport containers are used, which ensures the safe transport of your equipment. We also take care of unpacking your new equipment and removing your old equipment.
Transportation - We coordinate delivery throughout Europe. This A-to-Z planning of your delivery process is done without the risky involvement of subcontractors.
Registration of traceable Unique IDs - Each unit receives a unique identification number that is connected to its serial number. This ID number follows the unit through the entire process.
Secure Storage - We can remove all complications by offering storage space for both your new and old PCs in our high security warehouse in Allerød.
Identification Removal - Each unit is subjected to manual removal of stickers and other types of physical marking. This is done in such a way that the equipment is not damaged.
The units are subject to a GDPR compliant data erasure process.
Performance and quality are checked. The staff grades the units based on their physical condition
Validation of data deletion - the Unique ID and serial number are compared with Blancco on each unit to certify 100% data deletion.
Cleaning, renovation and packing - We clean, repair and correct any defects wherever possible. We also pack the equipment in new, original packaging.
'Degaussing' - Hard drives that are not functional are sent for physical deletion by our degaussing equipment before being sent to ISO-certified disposal in Denmark.
Valuation and Resale - You get the market's best prices for the equipment, but if you want to donate your equipment to charity, our communications department will gladly work with you to get the most out of your advertising, event planning and media coverage.
Detailed report and settlement - We finish the process with a detailed report where the entire process is laid out and the final settlement to the customer is calculated and paid.

The process is at the heart of our work.

Without a 100% optimized process, there can’t be 100% satisfaction!

The process is our seal of quality – this is where we excel. At Tier1 Asset, quality, security and processing are what make us unique. Every piece of equipment that comes to Tier1 Asset is put through the same unique and secure process to ensure that security, data deletion and the end result is 100 % in order. Our process goes through 12 points, which means that we can say with certainty that all equipment that comes through our system has been completely deleted of data and cannot be traced back to the company that gave us the equipment.

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