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How you can become part of a sustainable solution?

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How you can become part of a sustainable solution?

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How you can become part of a sustainable solution?

– Support UN Goals with Tier1 Asset

Sustainable Development Goals are not only objectives for governments, but also for companies regardless of industry and size. The following describes how we at Tier1 Asset A/S support five out of the 17 UN SDGs, and how to create shared value by becoming part of a circular business model.

The Planet has a great urge for change: the average global air temperature is increasing, sea levels are rising and glaciers are melting. However, climate factors are not the only ones that present concerns: poverty, hunger, and inequality are some other issues facing the global society. This cannot be ignored anymore. In 2015 the world’ leaders established a set of goals aiming to generate general improvement environmentally, socially and economically introducing the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

The Sustainable Development Goals are objectives for reaching economic growth and prosperity by combating climate and social issues. All organizations should consider including these objectives in their strategic development and sustainable economic growth. The reason behind this is that sustainability becomes a “must-have” factor for investment. More and more potential employees demand CSR and environmental norms from their employer. Moreover, today a green profile presents in itself a competitive advantage on a global scale.

Improve your green profile as part of  Tier1 Asset’s circular ecosystem

We at Tier1 Asset have been in the Asset Recovery and Refurbishing business since 1999.  Our business model is based on the circular economy concept. The services and products are designed to provide environmental friendly handling of IT devices while creating economic growth and prosperity. The company focuses on creating shared value by slowing down and to some degree closing material loops in the supply chain.

How does this happen? We slow down material loops by collecting End-of-Use IT equipment, increase its lifespan through Asset Recovery and refurbish it.

The End-of-Life equipment, that has little or no value, is recycled and transformed into raw materials for other manufacturing. This is closing material loops because it works toward zero e-waste in the supply chain. This enables our business to become almost 100% circular.

Becoming a part of a circular ecosystem, you not only enable the customers to develop their CSR profile by contributing to minimizing e-waste and CO2 emissions, but also makes them support the five Sustainable Development Goals: 8, 9, 10, 12, and 13.

Support five UN development Goals with Tier1 Asset

The latest global initiatives regarding sustainable development support our circular business model and thus help customers enhance their CSR profile. Build on a circular business model, now we handle more than 250.000 refurbished units annually. This fact makes us support UN Goals: 8, 9,10,12,13 for decent work and economic growth, industry innovation and infrastructure, reduced inequalities, responsible consumption and production, and climate action.

Goal 8 urge societies to create good working conditions and opportunities to have quality jobs that stimulate economic growth while protecting the environment. Our products and services prolong the lifespan of used IT equipment, which improves resource utilization and energy efficiency.

This makes us and our customers support Goal 8 because we seek growth through progressive improvement of global resource efficiency and minimization of environmental intoxication. (8, 2015)

Goal 9 focuses on industries, innovation and infrastructure. Transport, manufacturing and technology are the pillars for reaching this goal. It aims for economic development through technological and manufacturing innovation, but at the same time to limit and reduce the emissions of CO2 and intoxication of the environment (9,2015)  We support Goal 9 for Sustainable Innovation because our circular business model focuses on the upcycling process of used IT. The process aims to limit CO2 emission, landfill, and resource scarcity.  One Tier1 Asset refurbished device limits up to 270 kg of CO2 emissions and a set of valuable, but hazardous materials into landfills such as gold, copper, mercury etc.

Goal 10 fights inequality among countries and cultures. The primary focus is to lift out people of poverty by offering them decent jobs in sustainable organizations, favor exports and FDI, and adopt policies focused on universal human principles paying attention to the needs of disadvantaged and marginalized populations.

We believe that the most efficient teams are those multi-cultural. Because of that, we became one of the 301 companies (Integration, 2019) accredited by the Danish Agency of International recruitment that makes it easier to recruit qualified foreign employees to work in Denmark. These factors help us support Goal 10 (10, 2015).

Goal 12 promotes responsible consumption and production by “doing more and better with less”.  (12, 2015)  Economic development should be based on activities that reduce waste, intoxication, and degradation of the environment.

Resulting from our circular business model, customers not only benefit from reliable products and services but also promote the consumption of sustainable products and their role in the overall state of the environment.

Finally, Goal 13 calls for Climate Action because of global warming and greenhouse gas emissions. Weather patterns are changing, sea level are rising, and natural disasters became more and more frequent. This affects not only agriculture and farming, but also the natural life cycle of animals and plants.  (13, 2015).

CO2 emissions increase the temperature levels of the planet, which have an impact on the increase the sea levels because of melting glaciers (, u.d.)  This is why by reducing CO2 emissions we contribute to reach goal 13. Thus, adopting circular practices will limit greenhouse gas emissions and contribute to a more sustainable future for the next generations.


Become a part of the solution with Tier1 Asset, by helping us meet our objective to double the number of units we refurbish and recycle within the next 3 years, to promote resource reiteration for a better future of our Planet.

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