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Your data is safe with us!

When you need to phase out, your used equipment it is important to use a partner who knows how such things should be done.

blancco-gold-partner-blackT1A handles data security, refurbishment and recycling of IT-equipment. Whether you wish to donate, sell to your employees or sell to the highest bidder, we can offer our services.
T1A are proud of the best references in the market, and has the highest level of Blancco certification.

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Data Deletion of used computers - statutory and/or common sense?

When used IT equipment needs to be disposed of and replaced, it is important that data is handled properly and securely

When used IT equipment needs to be disposed of and replaced, it is important that data is handled properly and securely. We therefore specialize in deleting data, so you do not have to worry about security. Data deletion can take place either at our own processing centre or at your premises. We offer data deletion as a separate service, but it can also be done as one product in a comprehensive IT package.

It is often a major challenge for companies that hold sensitive data to dispose of obsolete IT equipment. It is therefore crucial that you choose an IT partner who can ensure that sensitive business and personal data will be deleted properly. We have many years of experience in data deletion and have developed special tools for the process. This experience is your guarantee of an effective process.

100 % data deletion

We have made massive investment in a high-tech data deletion solution from Blancco, which, as a minimum, complies with the Data Protection Agency’s approved standard, U.S. DOD 5220.2x-M and the HMG Infosec No. 5 standard. The actual deletion occurs when the software addresses the entire hard drive outside of BIOS. The “Host protected area” and “Orphan Sectors” are also overwritten, which guarantees 100% data deletion where the data can never be recovered. Blancco is used by the U.S. National Defence, NATO and in the Danish banking world.

Subsequent reporting is a very important process in data deletion. It provides a complete overview of the entire project documenting the time, indicating all serial numbers and documenting that all data has been erased. We are also classified as SKAFOR Blue (security rating) with our banking customers. SKAFOR Blue is an assurance that the equipment is stored securely and that steps have been taken to prevent theft. Your security is a top priority for us. We work closely with both Danske bank and Nordea, which have the country’s highest security requirements for their equipment.

Degaussing - magnetic data deletion

The hard drives that the Blancco software cannot come into contact with are sorted out using our intelligent production management. They are then marked for physical irradiation with our Degaussing equipment before finally being sent for ISO-certified destruction in Denmark.

What can happen if my equipment does not have its data deleted?

To ensure that your trade secrets or other sensitive forms of data do not fall into the wrong hands, it is important that data on old data media such as hard drives, backup tapes and the like are deleted. This is accomplished using our Blancco data deletion or ‘degaussing’ of storage media.

Many believe, unfortunately, that it is enough to format the hard disk or storage media to effectively delete the data. This is unfortunately not true. In practice it is relatively easy and inexpensive to recover data that has been “deleted” during formatting or by means of regular deletion from most operating systems’ delete functions.

The Data Protection Agency requires that data be deleted before IT equipment is disposed of. The Data Protection Agency specifically points out that formatting cannot be regarded as an effective deletion method. In fact, it is a bit of a challenge to ensure that the data is completely deleted.

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5 Tips when deleting data

  1. 1.
    Remember that security is important – both when acquiring and disposing of IT equipment.
  2. 2.
    The delete command only updates a table that tells the operating system that the file is deleted. The contents of the file still exist – but the typical user cannot see the data.
  3. 3.
    Regular overwriting with software does not guarantee that data is physically overwritten. A typical user cannot control when and where the data is stored on a medium, because the operating system stores data in temporary locations.
  4. 4.
    Even if a data medium is crushed, the data still remains accessible. It is possible, in whole or in part, to reconstruct the data located on a physically damaged storage medium.
  5. 5.
    Even using a standard magnet on the media is not enough to delete data – a very powerful magnetic field is required