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    Service Required collection Additonal Information
    Data erasure Mandatory Data erasure
    Mandatory, GDPR compliant data erasure, including bios reset, disable AMT, removal of security asset tags,
    computrace removal, Bitlocker removal.
    Security cage Security cage
    Rental of cage per. month, transportation, including packing material, security locks/strips,
    preconfirmation of dimension from customer, logistic fee included*.
    Cages specification is: 120x80x187cm & load capacity is 550kg.
    Single Box Single Box
    T1A will send a single box containing packing material which customer must pack.
    A retun-label is included for activation of collection via UPS services by customer.
    The service is available for collections under minimum quantities 30 inside EU/50 outside EU data carrying
    Logistics Logistics
    Not applicable when ordering security cage; minimum quantity is EU: 30 data carrying units and outside EU 50
    data carrying units.
    On-site data erasure On-site data erasure
    T1A will arrive at customer facility and perform data erasure.
    Deployment Deployment
    T1A will arrive at customer facility and provide required services.
    Acknowledge report - On-Site Acknowledge report - On-Site
    T1A will arrive at customer facility and scan all serial number & asset tags prior to collection. Excluding transport and accomnendation.
    Special services pickup Special services pickup
    Services that outside normal standard services.
    On-Site Packing On-Site Packing
    T1A will arrive at customer site and provide packaging service. Minimum fee is 300 for Nordics & EU. MEA etc 600.
    T1A secure transport T1A secure transport
    GPS tracked, fleet management, manned 24/7 during transport, mounted steel box, pakcing service/material included, logistic service included
    Handling fee for peripherals** Handling fee for peripherals**
    Estimation EUR 2/kg

    Product Expected Qty Equipment Deinstallation Required Additonal Information

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